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Date:2003-02-13 13:53
Subject:Pacey/Joey and Final Fantasy VII
Mood: nostalgic

As one can see from my mood icon, I've been feeling particularly nostalgic in the past week or so. I'm pretty sure it all has to do with the fact that I'm watching Dawson's Creek again and again, it's only because Pacey and Joey are finally getting back together (or so us P/Jo-ers hope). I remember being incredibly invested in this couple in the third and fouth seasons; I was pretty much living vicariously through them because, alas, I had no boyfriend. Now that I do, I still find them intriguing, not to mention the fact that Josh Jackson and Katie Holmes have undeniable chemistry.

Which brings me to my next point. We all know that a lot of writers for TV shows suck because they always end a series with the most clich thing that anyone could think of. Take for example, Felicity. As much as I love J.J. Abrams for the gorgeousness that is Sydney and Vaughn, he suckered many Noel and Felicity fans (including me) into thinking that they had a chance. I swear to God that if they're doing the same thing on DC, I will personally fly to Wilmington and make sure that Paul Stupin and company air another episode where Pacey and Joey live happily ever after.

Anywho. I'm also feeling nostalgic after listening to mp3s of Aeris' Theme from Final Fantasy VII. I feel like playing that game again. It was, and still is, my favourite game of all time. It wasn't just a game; I mean, it had a beautiful and tragic storyline with love, death, angst, and everything else that makes for a mind blowing experience. After the awfulness that was Final Fantasy VIII, I was turned off of the FF games. Maybe if I play VII again, it'll restore my love of the series.

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Date:2003-02-05 00:22
Subject:PBP Weekend, Lower Case, Sheep, and Me
Mood: sleepy

Wow. So I'm actually posting on this thing now. Yes, I am a sheep. I've joined those in the ranks of having both a weblog and a LiveJournal. Speaking of my weblog, am I the only one in the world who still writes in all lowercase? It's always just been easier, and I've always done it, but I'm thinking I may change all that.

Stimulating thoughts, eh?

Oh, to show that I'm even a bigger sheep, here's my PBP Weekend Schedule:

5:00 pm- Board the plane to LA (Yes, I know I'm going to be late, but both myself and my boyfriend, Blair, have midterms that day. Yuck.)
10-ish - Arrive at the hotel, run to the Pre-Party.
12:00 pm- Hang out with Slater (that's what I call Blair), Allie, KAM, GG, and whoever else. Probably stop by Cricket and Ivy's party for a few minutes to say hi to Stef and others.

9-ish - Breakfast with Slater, Allie, whoever.
Afternoon - TBA
6:00 pm - PBP and Common Ro.

Morning/Afternoon - Shopping @ Beverly Center, Santa Monica, etc. The parental units, Blair, and I may possibly stop by Griffiths Park on the way back before the CR show.
8:00 pm - Common Ro @ Whiskey A Go-Go

All Day - Disneyland! Yay!

12:00 pm - Time to go home. Much sadness. :(

Yes, I know. I lead a very exciting life.

Must go to sleep. I have to finish a sadistic Chem lab write-up and a prep exercise (that will most likely take up to three hours...it did last time) by Thursday morn.


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